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Resilience Global takes great pride in being a UK-veteran run organisation, and hold it as an even greater honour to employ veterans as they continue to work in the service of others through disaster risk reduction and response.

Veterans have a great deal to offer when they enter the workplace following uniformed service, and Resilience Global is an organisation that recognises and seeks out veterans for their character, talent and experience. Because of our strong family of veterans, the Resilience Global team is better equipped to accomplish our mission: To Save Life.

As a disaster response organisation conducting activities such as post-disaster reconnaissance, Resilience Global directly benefits from the technical skill sets developed in the uniformed services. From medical training to communications, Resilience Global veterans arrive to work on day one able to deliver life-saving skills to disaster events around the world.

We also acknowledge the talents of the veteran community beyond technical skills, seeking the “soft” skill sets developed in uniform; we must effectively communicate across cultures, positions and circumstance in response to a disaster and so, discipline, integrity, teamwork, flexibility, loyalty, dependability, and interpersonal communications are vital to our success.

Both for their technical abilities and their soft skills, the Resilience Global team looks to employ veterans when at all possible, expanding our family and adding great talent created by service.

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